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Dental Collection Agencies Help You Stay in Business

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Companies that specialize in dental collection will have several collection tools to get you the money you deserve; address verification comes first, followed by collection letters and phone calls at various times of the day and night.

Some dental collection agencies will offer optional services such as credit reporting, Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Filing, Settlement Authority, and Attorney Referral. It’s important to discuss what services you want most.

Dental Collection Tools

Dental collection agents have all the best online tools. These tools will help them provide a number of services, from verifying a new patient’s credit history to skip tracing.

Skip tracing involves finding people who’ve moved suddenly and have forgotten to update you with their current information, or people who have disappeared on purpose and don’t want to pay the dentist bill.

Through various public information databases that can sometimes be found through a stand-alone software application, the collector can a find a debtor’s current address and telephone number.

One issue dental offices have is trying to decide which debts they wish to submit, and how long to wait. Shop around for a good dental collection agency that has its own “decision-maker” process that allows debtors (by the way they respond to contact efforts) to actually label themselves as slow-to-pay, or a non-payer.

How Do You Know Which Dental Collection Agency Is Best For You?

Asking a lot of questions and thoroughly interviewing potential collection agencies are the best way to get started on choosing the right agency for your business. It will depend on several considerations, including your philosophy regarding collection, the volume of your collection practices, and exactly how involved you plan to be with debts after you send them to the agency.

It also helps to check with your local Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Ask other dental clinic managers that you know or who are in your area. Get some good word-of-mouth referrals, and then do some good background checks.